Presentation of old maps covering the area of Czechia, Moravia and Silesia

Among other things of interest, the Geoinformatics Laboratory is engaged in using the old maps and their potential for landscape studies. One of the first steps was the Project of Science and Research assigned by the Ministry of Environment (see also http://projekty.geolab.cz).

As a primary goal of this project the copies of the Ist and IInd Military Survey were obtained (from the Austrian State Archive/Military Archive in Vienna, where the originals are kept) and displayed in digital form on these pages.

After the agreement with the Historical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science, we created the online presentation of the Müller's Survey covering the area of Czechia and Moravia. Work on the Stabile Cadaster Online application is in progress, the first version see here.

OpenLayers based map viewer created by Moravian Library in Brno

The OLDMAPS.GEOLAB.CZ application was awarded by a special prize MAP OF THE YEAR 2003 of the Cartographic Society of Czech Republic.

This application is supported by the project GA ČR 205/04/0888 - Georeferencing and the Cartographical Analysis of the Historical Maps of Czechia, Moravia and Silesia

If you want to use one or more sections of military maps, or some part of it for your publication, please make sure of adding the following citations:
© 1st (2nd ) Military Survey, Section No. xy, Austrian State Archive/Military Archive, Vienna
© Geoinformatics Laboratory, University of J.E.Purkyne - http://www.geolab.cz
© Ministry of Environment of Czech Republic - http://www.env.cz

In the case of Müller's Survey please cite:
© Historický ústav AV ČR - www.hiu.cas.cz

© Geoinformatics laboratory Univerzity J.E.Purkyně, 2001-2012 - e-mail
application created by - Jan Dušek