IInd Military Survey

1836-1852, scale 1: 28 800

Bohemia | Moravia

Contrary to the Ist Military Survey the IInd one was based on triangular net and also on the cadastral maps of Stabile Cadaster in the scale of 1: 2 880, therefore its precision is much higher. Beside the larger scale maps (1: 28 800) also the so-called general (1: 288 000) and special (1: 144 000) maps were produced.

The contents of the sheets are in fact identical with the previous work, with an addition of triangular point's altitudes, but the recorded situation is very different. The IInd Military Survey was carried on at the time when the industrial revolution was in progress and intensive forms of agriculture were being employed widely. The area of arable fields had increased of about 50% in 100 years and the forests of our country reached the lowest area in its history.